Healthy from the very beginning

A healthy childhood leads to a healthy and active life.

Both nutrition and physical activity play an essential role in health promotion. For the healthy upbringing of our children nurseries or schools and families have to take mutual responsibility. Collective efforts of educators and parents form the basis for a sustainable setting-based approach to health promotion at an early stage of life.

  • vitakid offers a knowledge and learning platform for nurseries or elementary schools and families
  • vitakid integrates mobile and internet technologies to establish an effective network between institutions, educators and families
  • vitakid supports nurseries or elementary schools and parents in health promotion – focussing on a balanced diet and physical activity for the child
  • vitakid supports families with information about health promotion, physical activity and even personalised nutritional coaching
  • vitakid provides work-related learning tools for institutions: professional information for a professional work context

Our motivation

vitakid is an independent non-profit organization.
We support the health promotion of children at an early age and promote a healthy and balanced diet. Nutrition and physical activity are essential parts for a sustainable health promotion.
Knowledge is an integral part of  healthy activities and healthy food. For this reason vitakid has established an internet-based knowledge and learning platform which connects nurseries or elementary schools with the families.
vitakid embraces the settings-based approach to health promotion and integrates these settings with modern tools to build a sustainable and cost-effective service supporting behavioral change – for a healthy and brightful future of the children.
Modern communication technology enables the efficient knowledge transfer in a unique and innovative way.
You can find a bright variety of different information: from the latest scientific findings in child nutrition (in an easy language) to day-to-day recommendations for meals at home and the appropriate recipe.
All information and services can easily be accessed by mobile devices or the computer.
By taking advantage of these services childcare institutions and families take their health promotion partnership to a new level – for the exclusive benefit of the children.
Our main focus was to be able to offer this innovative approach to as many children as possible and to support a sustainable health promotion and a healthy life.
Because children deserve a chance of a healthy, active and happy life – from the very beginning!

Our approach

vitakid has taken the setting approach for health promotion to the next level and has built an innovative learning and knowledge platform that integrates nurseries or schools with the families.
The platform contains educational and informational offerings – and personalised recommendations for the families. These are the perfect conditions to bring nutritional education and physical activity into the day-to-day life of childcare institutions and parents.
A holistic health promotion for children requires good communication structures between nurseries or elementary schools and families. This vital partnership is supported and enriched by vitakid.
Personalised nutritional coaching is also included: both institutions and families are provided with direct access to our nutritional experts.
With vitakidsetting-based approaches to health promotion are not an abstract concept anymore but a very practical example of health promotion – for the benefit of our children!


Benefits from vitakid

Knowledge and learning platform for nurseries, schools and families

Easy and secure exchange of information between families and institutions

Background information and personalised recommendations for families

Background information and e-learning offerings for nurseries, schools and educators

Direct and instant access to nutritional experts for families and institutions

Ease-of-use through modern and intuitive apps

…for families:

  • Tips for healthy nutrition and physical activity
  • Information about the child’s food
  • Personalised nutritional coaching
  • Exchange between nurseries or schools and parents
  • And much more…


…for nurseries & schools:

  • Latest background information
  • Education on nutrition & physical activity
  • Supporting the organizational mission
  • Innovative & practical setting-based approach
  • Expert support in health promotion
  • And much more…

vitakid unites information that belongs together

The health of our children requires an expert system that includes all relevant facts, latest findings and recommendations. vitakid has an interdisciplinary approach and integrates experts and knowledge from the fields of nutrition, sports, child psychology and sociology.

And much more…

vitakid is an independent, non-profit organisation. This is very important to us as it allows us to take an unbiased perspective and focus on our services for improving health promotion for children. Our recommendations rely on national and international guidelines and we participate in international children nutrition research projects.


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